Financial Advisor in Arlington, VA

Fee-Only Financial Advisor in Arlington, VA

District Capital Management is the place to find your Financial Advisor in Arlington.  We help professionals and entrepreneurs in their 30s and 40s make smarter investments, lower their taxes, and maximize their money. We are a virtual, fee-only financial planning firm. 

We have a diverse team and the majority of our clients are minorities. We can give you top-notch advice on your cash, investments (401(k), IRA, brokerage), taxes, retirement, insurance, house buying decisions, debt, and estate planning. Our highly qualified financial advisors want to see you succeed! 

Trusted Fee-Only Financial Planner in Arlington, VA

We are fiduciary financial advisors meaning we have a fiduciary duty to always act in your best interest. We are not paid a commission and we have no conflicts of interest. We also have no minimum asset requirements and no hefty fees.

Choosing The Right Financial Planner For You

Choosing a fee-only and fiduciary financial planner in Arlington, VA is an important decision. Want to know 10 important questions to ask a potential financial advisor? We have put together a list to help you with your search. 

Why District Capital?

District Capital provides independent, high-quality financial advice to professionals and entrepreneurs in their 30s & 40s who are motivated to achieve their dreams. We have Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, CFA charterholders, and an accredited Accredited Financial Counselor® on our team.  We will meet you where you are and help align your money with your values.

We provide comprehensive financial planning services which include: 

We work with clients in other regions of Virginia including:

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Financial Planning

Annual Advisory Fee​

Financial Advisor Fees


$4,500 – $10,500

($375 to $900/month)*

Financial Advisor Cost


$5,400 – $15,000

($450 to $1,250/month)*

*Exact price will be determined based on complexity, assets and income.

We offer pro-bono financial planning for DC, MD, & VA individuals who earn less than $64,000 per year and have less than $50,000 in liquid assets.

Investment Management

Annual Advisory Fee

  • Assets Under Management
    Annual Fee / Rate (%)
  • First $1,000,000
  • Next $4,000,000
  • Next $5,000,000
  • Assets Above $10,000,000

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Want to know the right questions to ask a financial planner to make sure they have your best interests at heart? We’ve got you!

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