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Case Study

Married Couple

Meet Jamie and Alex

Jamie and Alex's Situation

Jamie and Alex have been married for 3 years. They own a condo in DC and both love their jobs. They don’t have any debt besides their mortgage, but they feel they could be doing more with their money. They fear that they will either have to choose between traveling and enjoying life now, or preparing properly for the future. 

Neither one wants to make large financial decisions for fear of making the wrong one. They have been putting as much into savings as possible and getting their retirement match from their employers, but that’s all they have done with their money. They want to know what they can do better, and if they can afford to travel abroad every year.




How We Helped

  • Developed a plan to invest their excess cash through a brokerage account. 
  • Helped Jamie and Alex open, fund, and invest in an IRA, so they can grow their money for retirement with tax advantages.
  • Gave investment recommendations on their retirement accounts based on their risk tolerance and market conditions. 
  • Gave recommendations on pre-tax vs Roth 401(k) options. 
  • Discussed travel goals and developed a plan to fund yearly travel without derailing other financial goals. 
  • Analyzed current insurance policies to determine if coverage needs were met.   
  • Provided ongoing support to Jaime and Alex, to help them make more informed financial decisions as life unfolds.

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Disclaimer: Case studies are hypothetical client scenarios. Planning recommendations may differ from your situation. Please consult with your own advisor before making any changes to your Financial Plan, Investments, or Insurance coverage.

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