Financial Planning

Financial Planning Services

We provide guidance in these areas

You’ll receive a written comprehensive financial plan – a blueprint to help you reach your financial goals. Then we’ll help you implement it. You will receive recommendations on how to:

Save for Your Life Goals and Dreams

We’ll use the 3 Kinder questions to draw out what’s truly important to you. Then we’ll develop a blueprint.

Optimize Your 401k, IRA & Investment Accounts

We’ll apply the 3 building blocks of investing: smart diversification, match risk tolerance, and lower cost.

Lower Taxes

We’ll consider using tax-advantaged vehicles like Roth/Backdoor Roth, HSA, Roth and After-Tax 401k.

Pay Off Student Loans and Other Debt

We’ll look into Public Service Loan Forgiveness; refinancing; or using the debt snowball method.

Retire Early

We’ll make retirement projections so you can be on track to live your lifestyle after retirement.

Saving for College or Your Child's Education

We’ll advise you on the right 529 plan, amount and investment choices.

What you Get

We will provide you with the following items

7 Step Financial Planning Process

We follow the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standard’s seven-step process in creating your personalized Financial Plan:

step by step financial planning process graphic


Annual Advisory Fee​

woman sitting on mountain top, individual financial advisor fee package


$3,000 – $4,800

($250 to $400/month)

young married couple on wedding day, couples financial advisor fees package


$4,200 – $7,200

($350 to $600/month)