Investment Philosophy​

Our Investment Philosophy

8 principles we use to manage clients investments

Match Risk Tolerance

Knowing your reaction to the market’s ups and downs will help create a game plan. Your goals, investment timeline, and comfort level all factor into this equation.

Smart Diversification

Asset allocation is the critical driver of performance and risk. It’s important to be diversified among key asset classes. But only in those whose expected return is worth the risk.

Costs Matter

High mutual fund fees are like termites. We can hardly see them, but they eat away our retirement savings. We prefer funds that have low to zero fees, so we get to keep more of our money.

Don’t Chase Returns

If a fund performed well last year, it does not mean it’ll do wonders again this year. We don’t want to be that kid in soccer who keeps on chasing after the ball. Anticipate where the ball might be going, and position yourself there.

Market Timing Doesn’t Pay

Constantly selling and buying back stocks depending on “signals” or “our gut” is a futile exercise. The penalties for missing the stock market’s best 30 days are severe because returns are highly concentrated in short bursts of time.

Remain Steadfast

Global recessions happen every seven years. Be mentally prepared for the next market downturn. Remain steadfast while in one.

Headlines Don’t Say Much

The media wants to grab your attention. You’ll encounter articles about the latest investment fad, or an impending stock market crash. Don’t let headlines unsettle you. Focus on the big picture.

Focus on What You Can Control

A financial advisor can guide you towards actions that add value, regardless of what the market does.

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