Financial Planning

What You Get

You will receive the following:

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sample financial plan
This is a screenshot of a sample Comprehensive Financial Plan dashboard.

Actionable Advice

Sample Financial Plan

We promise comprehensive, actionable advice to maximize your money. As a client, you will receive robust retirement, tax, investment, and cash flow projections that encompass every facet of your financial life. You will get access to our modern Financial Plan dashboard that will contain your 40+ actionable recommendations.

We are with you every step of the way with unlimited email access and one-on-one meetings every 4 months. 

Click here for a sample financial plan. 

The example financial plan is purely illustrative and not intended as personalized advice. Your actual financial plan will be customized based on your individual circumstances, encompassing factors such as your current resources, goals, return needs, and risk tolerance.

Your financial plan is a dynamic document that evolves over time, and we are dedicated to continuously refining it as needed.

sample financial plan
This is a screenshot of a sample Comprehensive Financial Plan dashboard.

Year 1

The District Capital Process

Our Financial Planning Process


Discovery Call

Schedule free 30-min video call to discuss your goals, concerns, and see if we are a good fit.


Onboarding & Setup

Sign contract
Set up payment
Share financial information
Dig Deeper Session (optional)
Create financial plan


Overview of Your Financial Plan

Overview of your financial plan, goals, and net worth
Discuss major near-term action items
Discuss cash flow plan for savings goals


Investments & Retirement

Retirement projections
Discuss retirement savings & market investing
Rebalance 401(k)s, IRAs, and investment accounts
401(k) rollover gameplan, if applicable
IRA contributions
Automate monthly investments


Taxes, Debt & Credit

Optimize tax withholdings
Debt reduction strategies
Credit score tune-up


Insurance & Estate Planning

Discuss strategies to protect your assets and how to pass them efficiently to your loved ones


Special Topics*

Education and college savings, 529 plans, UTMAs.
Real estate and rental property investing
Buying a vacation home
Stock compensation (RSUs, ESPP, stock options)
Solo 401(k)s, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs
Starting a business, e.g., LLC, S Corp, C Corp
Career change

*When relevant or upon request, these topics can be covered during our scheduled meetings.
Note: The topics presented above are examples. Actual meeting content & sequence will be customized based on the client’s needs.

Year 2 And Beyond

The District Capital Triannual Process


Winter Items

Achieved last year's goals?

Track net worth growth

Goal for New Year

Latest retirement projections

Change 401(k) & IRA contributions

Update monthly auto investing in brokerage


Spring Items

Rebalance 401(k)/IRA

Check tax return; adjust W4 witholdings

PSLF certification

Insurance review

Identity theft protection


Fall Items

Open enrollment decisions (medical insurance, FSA, HSA)

529 projections

Update 529 contributions

Roth conversions

Decide on RSU/ESPP shares

Estate planning tasks

The Value of Financial Planning

Quantifying The Value Of Financial Planning Advice

the value of financial planning
*Value is deemed significant but too unique to each investor to quantify.
The above is only meant to be illustrative and may not apply to all prospective clients' situations.
It does not account for market conditions and other material factors, where the results may greatly differ.
If you have any questions regarding the criteria and assumptions above, or the risks and limitations of these metrics, please email us.

Financial Planning Pricing

Annual Advisory Fee​

Financial Advisor Fees


$4,500 – $10,800

($375 to $900/month)*

Financial Advisor Cost


$5,400 – $15,000

($450 to $1,250/month)*

*Exact price will be determined based on complexity, assets and income.

We offer pro-bono financial planning for DC, MD, & VA individuals who earn less than $56,000 per year or families who earn less than $75,000 per year.

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