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Personal Financial Planning

A financial planner can guide you in making smarter financial decisions and help reach your financial goals.

Would you like to travel and take vacations more frequently? Are you considering buying a home, or do you want to save for your child’s college education? Are you eager to get rid of your student loan debt? How much should you be saving for retirement?  A financial planner can help you achieve all of those goals and help you maximize your money.

We enjoy getting to know you on a personal level so that we can provide a financial plan tailored to your situation. We will meet regularly and your financial plan will be a living breathing document that will continue to be optimized over time.

Our Personal Financial Planning Service Can Help You:

What you Get

You will receive the following:

Financial Planner near me

7 Step Financial Planning Process

We follow the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standard’s seven-step process in creating your personalized Financial Plan:

Financial Planning Process

Financial Planning Pricing

Annual Advisory Fee​

Financial Advisor Fees


$3,000 – $4,800

($250 to $400/month)

Financial Advisor Cost


$4,200 – $7,200

($350 to $600/month)

We offer pro-bono financial planning for those who earn less than $56,000 per year.