Case Study

Meet Ronil

Small Business Owner


When Ronil, came to us, he wanted help with his small business and personal finance planning. Ronil started his business 8 years ago. Since then it grew to be a successful small company with 4 full-time and 3 part-time employees. He is starting to accumulate more cash than he needs in his bank account.

Ronil is ready to invest more of his money wisely. He hates paying taxes and was looking for ways to reduce his tax burden. He also wants to offer his employees benefits, including retirement options, while also saving money for his own future. Ronil has two old 401(k) plans from his previous jobs. Ronil was unsure of where to start when he came to work with us.



How We Helped

  • Developed options for employee retirement benefits that would benefit the employees, Ronil, and the business. 
  • Gave recommendations on different company retirement plans to choose from and assisted Ronil’s business in setting up the plan. 
  • Analyzed Ronil’s tax burden and developed recommendations for strategic tax planning.
  • Helped Ronil open, fund, and invest in an IRA, so he can grow his money with tax advantages.
  • Helped open a brokerage account and programmed monthly investments.
  • Gave investment recommendations for Ronil’s company retirement plan, IRA, and brokerage accounts.
  • Analyzed his two old 401(k) plans and gave guidance on what to do with those.

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Disclaimer: Case studies are hypothetical client scenarios. Planning recommendations may differ from your situation. Please consult with your own advisor before making any changes to your Financial Plan, Investments, or Insurance coverage.

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